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     "Only when each participant's input is respected and appreciated will the most comprehensive understanding of the child be developed." 

~Exceptional Parent, March 1993


"Duct Tape and Megaphones - Early Dispute Resolution Options"


          What do we do when disputes arise over a child's special education program?  The promising practice of using collaboration, inherent in IDEA's mandate for IEP development, and innovative early resolution of special education disagreements is critical to fostering and maintaining positive school-parent relationships. Collaboration is hard, but rewarding, work. It requires that we remain silent (duct tape) and actively listen to all the IEP Team Members, as well as, present our own information and interests comprehensively and clearly (megaphones).


         In this interactive Presentation, Special Education Law Solutions Consultants review options and techniques for resolving disputes quickly and amicably; providing a welcome, effective detour from the traditional, relationship-destroying litigious path.