Special Education Law



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     "Only when each participant's input is respected and appreciated will the most comprehensive understanding of the child be developed." 

~Exceptional Parent, March 1993


Neutral Case Evaluation:


        Neutral Case Evaluation is an alternative dispute resolution process where parties request an expert to assess their case/position and provide an assessment of a likely trial outcome.

        Special Education Law Solutions Consultants have had many years of experience in special education and law, as well as formal and informal dispute resolution and consultant experience with families of children with disabilities and their school districts and service providers.  Additionally, SPLS Consultants have served 15 to 20 years as Special Education Hearing Officers and/or Appeals Review Hearing Officers, and thus, fact-finders and arbiters of special education conflict.

        For certain types of issues, neutral evaluation  serves as an invaluable component in the early dispute resolution process. The Neutral Case Evaluation is party-specific and may involve briefs and oral presentations including evidence and witness description.

        Following a comprehensive review of all educational records, programming, placement, recommendations and process; SPLS Consultants'  analysis provides individual parties a "Reality Check" early in the dispute resolution process.