Special Education Law



SPLS Consultants may be contacted directly via email:


      "Only when each participant's input is respected and appreciated will the most comprehensive understanding of the child be developed." 

~Exceptional Parent, March 1993


IEP Facilitation:

          IEP Facilitation is a voluntary process where all participants in an IEP meeting agree that the presence of an objective neutral third party (the Special Education Law Solutions Facilitator) encourages communication and collaboration.


          When a Special Education Law Solutions Consultant acts as a facilitator, we do not make any decisions, but instead, help keep members of the IEP team focused on the development of the IEP, while addressing conflicts and disagreements that may arise during the meeting.

          At the meeting, the SPLS Facilitator will use communication skills to create an environment in which the IEP team members can listen to and appreciate each member's point of view and work together to develop a high quality IEP.
          IEP Facilitation is a useful option when the participants believe that issues at the IEP meeting may create an impasse or less-than-collaborative environment.