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     "Only when each participant's input is respected and appreciated will the most comprehensive understanding of the child be developed." 

~Exceptional Parent, March 1993




Directive Facilitation & Mediation:


          Mediation/Facilitation Sessions are voluntary alternative dispute resolution processes where all participants in the meeting have agreed, ahead of time, that an objective neutral third party may be useful to support party communication and collaboration.

           When Special Education Law Solutions Consultants act as "facilitative" mediators/facilitators, we do not propose solutions, nor impose decisions, but rather, help participants focus on the meeting objectives, while addressing conflicts and disagreements that may arise during the session.

        Often, private clients desire a more dynamic approach to their mediations and facilitated sessions. In response to this request, SPLS offers parties, inter alia, the "directive" facilitation/mediation model.

        As a directive facilitator/mediator, the Special Education Law Solutions Consultant, with agreement of the parties,  may offer, during the brainstorming phase of the session, objective ideas and suggestions for group consideration, based upon the facilitator/mediator's many years of training and experience in special education and law. The parties still evaluate all options and make all final decisions. No "ruling" is imposed upon the parties.

        This option, tailored specifically to the parties' mutually agreed-upon needs, permits the independent SPLS neutral facilitator/mediator to propose fresh resolution options from an expert objective observer's point of view for party consideration.