Special Education Law



SPLS Consultants may be contacted directly via email:

      "Only when each participant's input is respected and appreciated will the most comprehensive understanding of the child be developed." 

~Exceptional Parent, March 1993

     Special Education Law Solutions (SPLS) supports Family/Service Provider collaboration in a cooperative environment, promoting appropriate educational programming for children. This constructive relationship is crucial to positive outcomes for all involved.

          To that end, SPLS provides a variety of special education consulting services to meet the needs of parents, school districts and service providers.

          SPLS Consultants are licensed attorneys and members of the Pennsylvania Bar, however, they are non-litigating/collaborative special education advocates and do not represent students in due process hearings.

          Our goal, rather, is to support parents/school districts and service personnel, in their efforts to meet IDEA's directive to work together to provide appropriate educational programming.

          Although SPLS designs each service to meet the individual needs of each client, some of the most popular services provided by SPLS Consultants include the following: